Can Cannabis Switch Off Cancer?

In 1993, the 25,000-year-old mummy of a woman was discovered in Siberia. Analyses of the body revealed that this woman, dubbed the “Siberian Ice Maiden,”

Can Cannabis Cause or Prevent Seizures?

Recent studies published within six months of each other make two diametrically opposed claims: One points to cannabis as the likely cause of seizures while

Marijuana, Gut Health and the Brain

Feeling queasy about making a big decision; butterflies in the stomach before a big date; wondering whether to trust a “gut” feeling—though they may seem

Can You Be Addicted to Marijuana?

Longtime users swear marijuana is a non-addictive herb you can quit any time—no problem. Rehab centers and government websites cite a long list of withdrawal

Microdosing: A Better Way to Take Cannabis?

When you’re seeking the health benefits of THC, less just might be more. MIcrodosing – taking very small, “sub-therapeutic” amounts of psychedelic substances like marijuana

CBD and THC: A Perfect Balance for Healing

Herbalists say that for every poisonous plant, there’s another with an antidote not far away. That kind of balance between opposites is everywhere in nature—and

Can Cannabis Help Your Pet?

The benefits of medical cannabis for treating health conditions ranging from anxiety to cancer have been well documented, and ongoing research continues to reveal more

Do You Have Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency?

Migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia—these painful “functional” health conditions have generally been treated in conventional medicine as separate disorders. But recent research reveals that these

Cannabis: A Way Out of the Opioid Epidemic?

The United States is facing an epidemic of prescription medication abuse. Along with high-profile opioids, other medications such as benzodiazepines and sleep aids can also

When Marijuana Makes You Feel Anxious

The main reason many people use marijuana is to experience that relaxing euphoric “high” that drives away stress and anxiety. But for some, cannabis has

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