Fun Activities to Try When Smoking Marijuana

10 Fun Activities to Try When Smoking Marijuana

Higher amounts of THC put the modern cannabist at greater risk of falling into a state of marijuana-induced...

How to Dab Safely

Dabbing Poses Some Health Risks In 2014, dabbing became a mainstream topic in the cannabis industry....

The Top 10 Marijuana-Inspired Instagram Accounts

Lying at the epicenter of art and technology, Instagram keeps millennials, baby boomers, and everybody...

Top 3 Marijuana Topicals for Back Pain

Desk chairs and driver’s seats dominate our daily lives and as a result, most adults at some point experience...

Attorney General Confirmation: Sessions Talks About Cannabis

Confirmation Hearings Begin As the new Attorney General goes through his confirmation hearings, we are...

CBD: An Alternative to Anti-Psychotic Medicine

The benefits of medicinal cannabis are numerous and far reaching. From pain relief and nausea to new...
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