First Las Vegas Dispensary Opens Today!

by HelloMD

Euphoria Wellness is the first medical cannabis dispensary to open in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to large amounts of tourism, and Nevada’s reciprocity laws, they are expected to be very busy. For the first two days Euphoria Wellness will only be open to a small group of pre-registered customers who were invited to join the dispensary. On Wednesday, they will open to all registered medical cannabis patients.

Part of the delay in opening the dispensary was the lack of inventory of marijuana products available in the state. They waited until they were able to fill their shelves from commercial growers to solve this problem. Out of the 9,500 registered card holders in Nevada, over 6,700 live in Clark County, which is home to Las Vegas. They will most likely be running into issues keeping products on the shelves because they are only the second dispensary to open in the state. The first dispensary to open was Silver State Relief outside of Reno, a seven hour drive northwest of Las Vegas.

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