The History of Medical Marijuana Usage

by HelloMD

Most medical marijuana users know that the treatment dates back thousands of years, but do you know just how far? Most sources date the historical use of medical marijuana back tens of thousands of years.

Throughout that time, cannabis has been a valuable plant used to treat medical conditions throughout the world. Read on to learn more:

2900 B.C

Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi is credited with establishing Chinese civilization, and is well-known to have made references to a substance called "Ma," which historians now know is cannabis. Emperor Fu Hsi believed the plant could be used to treat a variety of medical conditions due to the fact that it contained both yin and yang energies.

1450 B.C.

In the Bible's Exodus 30:22-23, there is a mention of "holy anointing oil," which botanists, etymologists and anthropologists now agree was a mixture of cannabis extract mixed with olive oil and other fragrant herbs. Thousands of years later, in 30 AD, Jesus himself is said to have been anointed with holy cannabis oil.

1213 B.C.

When archaeologists examined the mummy of Ramesses II, who passed away in 1213 B.C., they were not surprised to find cannabis pollen in large amounts. In ancient Egypt, medical marijuana was used to treat many conditions, ranging from glaucoma to postpartum injuries

1000 B.C.

The *Venidad,*an ancient Persian religious text, lists cannabis as the single most important of the 10,000 available medicinal plants.

200 B.C.

The ancient Greeks used cannabis to treat many ailments, ranging from earaches, edema and inflammatory issues.

1 A.D.

The Pen Ts'ao Ching is an exhaustive compilation of drug recipes dating back to ancient Chinese masters. Within it, marijuana is depicted in drawings that show the plants drying in sheds. The text goes on to recommend cannabis treatment for gout, malaria and rheumatism.

200 A.D.

When it came time to preform surgery, Chinese surgeon Hua T'o used a mixture of cannabis resin and wine to anesthetize his patients.

1621 A.D.

In The Anatomy of Melencholy, a popular medical text book written by Robert Burton, medical marijuana is recommended as a treatment for depression.


Cannabis made its way to the royals when Queen Victoria charged Dr. William O'Shaughnessy to bring her some to help resolve her crippling menstrual cramps.


American Pharmaceutical firm's began selling medical marijuana extracts as sedatives, asthma treatments and analgesics, paving the way for later medical marijuana use.


California becomes the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use.

Although the medical uses of marijuana have been varied, it is clear that cannabis has had an important role throughout history as a form of medication.

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