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Staff Picks: 8 Albums to Listen to When You’re Too High

Oops, you did it again: You had too much marijuana. Maybe you agreed to dab without fully understanding what you were getting yourself into, or …


8 Fast Facts About the History of Cannabis in the U.S.

Marijuana in the U.S. has a rich and colorful history: From the plant’s beginnings on the continent as a staple colonial crop to its effective …


Make Your First Date a Good One With Cannabis

Thanks to Tinder, Bumble and every other dating app and website, there are more opportunities for first dates than ever. But even if casual dating …


How LGBTQ Activists Brought Medical Marijuana to the Masses

While marijuana still remains illegal on the federal level, acceptance of the plant is on the rise: In October 2017, a Gallup poll indicated that …


Tips for Having Cannabis Conversations With Your Kids

I grew up in the ’80s, right in the middle of the War on Drugs, “Just Say No,” and at a time when many people …


Cannabis Essentials for Your Summer Activities

For many, summer is synonymous with enjoying the great outdoors after a long winter. And one way to make that time outside even better is …


Industry Insiders Give Tips on How to Land a Job in Cannabis

Interested in getting a job in the cannabis industry? If so, your timing may be just right. In a recent Forbes article, Ziprecruiter’s CEO Ian …


Cannabis Supper Clubs: Elevated Experiences by Master Chefs

Cannabis supper clubs and pop-up dinners are on the rise. Marijuana plus fine dining—it’s hardly a new concept, but it’s part of a growing movement …


Take a Tour of California Wine & Cannabis Country

California’s recreational cannabis market is just getting started, but innovative entrepreneurs are already creating new experiences where people can enjoy cannabis together. One exciting new …


Tips for Successful Job Hunting in the Cannabis Industry

California’s legal cannabis industry made headlines in 2018. While Prop 64 unleashed major changes for all kinds of canna-businesses, the growing industry is quickly expanding …


Can Marijuana Make You a Better Mom?

I’m an older mom. I had my daughter at 41. She’s now 11, and our adopted son is 14. Navigating motherhood is intense at any …


Cannabis-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve a venue, invitations sent and finalized the menu. The only thing left to decide is if the honeymoon is a cannabis-friendly destination?

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