People working, to illustrate marijuana strains that can help to foster creativity and productivity

5 Top Marijuana Strains That Foster Focus and Productivity

If you’re curious about how cannabis can help with with your work or creative life, look no further....

7 Cannabis Products for A Relaxing Night In

Feeling stressed? A chill evening might be what you’re craving. We’ve rounded up seven cannabis...
Do edibles make you groggy, represented by gummy bears and a cannabis bud on a pink background

Do Edibles Make You Groggy? Here's Why

Different cannabis consumption methods can elicit different reactions from the same person. If you’ve...
Cannabis leaf against building in Netherlands, to illustrate history of medical marijuana

A (Brief) History of Medical Marijuana

Most medical cannabis users know that the treatment can be found deep in the history books, but do you...
Women looking out into water, considering cannabis for Hashimoto's disease

Can Cannabis Help Those With Hashimoto’s Disease?

If you have Hashimoto’s disease, you probably understand just how challenging it can be. With symptoms...
Do cannabis products expire or go bad?

Do Cannabis Products Expire or Go Bad?

Like any other organic product, cannabis products can expire or go bad over time. But with proper storage,...
Cannabis-related numbness

Can Cannabis Cause Numbness in Your Face or Body?

Format, dose and tolerance can impact the effects of cannabis. But THC and cannabinoid receptors also...

8 Fast Facts About the History of Cannabis in the U.S.

The history of cannabis in the U.S. is rich and complex. Read on for eight fast facts about marijuana's...

How Do I Microdose Psychedelics?

I keep hearing about microdosing psychedelics for better focus and creativity, but I am not sure where...

Can Weed Boost Creativity?

" Many of the world’s most creative minds have attributed some of their success to pot, claiming...

5 Cannabis Products to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

The new year means new resolutions, and one of the most popular ones is making healthier choices, like...

CBD concentration?

Hi there! Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not list how many milligrams of CBD are in that spray. drkim
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