I Have Trouble Focusing: Can CBD Help?

Some days, you wake up with brain fog, and completing a single task feels utterly impossible. The inability to focus is something everyone has experienced …


CBD concentration?

Hi there! Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not list how many milligrams of CBD are in that spray. drkim


Can cannabis help me with concentration?

"Could I use something to help me concentrate on my work?" Yes, it’s helped me decrease anxiety and get through studying those long nights of …


What is the most concentration of CBD in milligrams that one can find in a topical?

"I can’t locate a roll-on preparation of topical cannabis that has more than 250mgs of CBD in it. " How about finding a concentrated CBD …


Can hemp make you feel dizzy, with poor focus, slow reactions, and inability to concentrate?

Hemp CBD is generally safe to use. When taken by mouth and appropriately in adults. Cannabidiol doses of up to 300 mg daily have been …


What kind of food would be best to disguise the taste of CBD concentrate?

"I’m using a high concentrate of CBD but I can’t tolerate the taste of it." Put the oil in a spoon with applesauce and just …


How can I get info about what kind of solvents are used in the formulation of my vape pen concentrate?

This is very challenging. If there are no regulations in your state about this, you are relying on the product provider to disclose this information. …


Can cannabis improve focus and concentration?

"If so, are there particular strains or types of products I should look for?" Cannabis has been known to improve concentration and focus. Many patients …


Does the potency of edibles decline over time?

"I use eat marijuana gummies to manage my pain. Once opened, does the concentration change over time?" Edible companies have reported that they have not …


Can CBD help me manage the symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)?

"If so, how much and how often should I take it?" It depends on the exact symptoms of SLE that you are trying to treat. …


How do you make cannabis suppositories and/or topical creams from medical oil concentrate?

"I’d love to hear your experiences with making your own marijuana preparations." I have used this recipe before: Using cannabis oil suppositories with the same …


I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), would smoking marijuana help me focus?

Hello! Before answering, there would be a couple questions with which I would want clarification. When were you formally diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD and what …

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