Cannabis can be extremely effective in treating many types of pain and discomfort. (Looking for help tailored specifically to you? Book some time with one of our experts to get personalized support. It’s free).


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i have some moxeys mints 25:1 (500 CBD &20 mg THC) will I get a high from one. I want for pain only, do not want to experience any kind of high.

"@" Hi there, If you have any products that are 25 CBD to 1 THC, you will not experience...

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Trying to get off of oxy 15mg. Lots of pain, I have fibromyalgia and 4 surgeries on the same shoulder. I went and they gave me 4-1 thc cdb and It was horrible. How can I get off the pills

I'm looking for a strain that is 3:1 THC to CBD or 4:1. For chronic pain. Doctor recommended. Also need salve with same ratio. Thanks.

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