Cannabis can be extremely effective in treating many types of pain and discomfort. (Looking for help tailored specifically to you? Book some time with one of our experts to get personalized support. It’s free).


Helps migraines


I suffer from migraines and I need help with dosing.

“I’ve suffered from migraines for more than 20 years. I have eight to 12 episodes per month.” Hello! CBD has helped migraine sufferers decrease the …


My wife has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. Will cannabis help her with the pain?

Your wife may experience relief with medical marijuana for this ailment. These autoimmune disorders result in painful inflammation that can be debilitating. Research supports CBD …


What is recommended to treat pain from arthritis in the spine and spinal stenosis?

Hello and thank you for the great question,  (see the very last paragraph for the short answer) While arthritis and stenosis cause different types of …


3 Popular Questions About Marijuana & Tension Headaches

While we may not all suffer from migraines, chances are everyone at some point in their life has experienced a tension headache. You’re probably familiar …


What CBD product is good for back pain?

Hello, A paper published by the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine, stated that "the fact that both Cannabinoid-1 and Cannabinoid-2 receptors have been …


NY Health Dept Allows Medical Marijuana to Replace Opioids

Last month, the New York Department of Health filed an emergency measure allowing patients using prescription opioids to replace them with medical marijuana. This measure, …


What is the dosage of CBD a day to receive chronic back pain from disc herniation?

Hello! I recommend to start with high ratio of CBD to THC, around 20:1. There is no standardized dosing, other than to say start low …


Can Cannabis Help Reduce RSI & Carpal Tunnel Pain?

A carpal tunnel syndrome or any kind of repetitive strain injury (RSI) diagnosis can lead to extreme frustration. Especially because oftentimes it’s a skill or …


Headache from full plant extract?

"Alcohol extract from stored, two-year old vaccuum packed sativa strain cannabis gives me a headache. Amount taken is about half the size of a BB, …


How much CBD do I need to take in order to help with my chronic pain?

"Is there a difference between different types of CBD? I am new to cannabis and have struggled with chronic pain for some time following a …


I have a terrible sunburn. Can CBD or hemp oil help take the pain away?

Hello! I don’t have personal experience in treating sunburn with CBD, but in theory it should help reduce some inflammation of the skin and help …

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