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I seem to be very sensitive to the effects of THC and I never feel euphoric. How can I get pain relief without smoking?

"I know marijuana can help with my pain, but whenever I have smoked it, I don’t feel good. What other ways can I help manage …


I am new to using marijuana in CA, do I have to join a collective?

Joining a collective is usually a requirement to purchase cannabis products in California. The process is fairly straightforward. You will need to provide the collective …


Are there any strains known to be effective in reducing withdrawal symptoms…when trying to reduce opioid intake?

Thia questions relates to a previous question relating to cannabis helping decrease vicodin use. Part of the answer is this: Cannabis has had more and …


What is the best strain to help with insomnia?

"I have difficulty falling and staying asleep." Cannabis is a very diverse plant that grows all over the world. Two broad categories exist; Indica and …


Can I use cannabis as a replacement for Vicodin?

"I suffer from chronic back pain and have been using vicodin. However, my doctor has stated that I need to end my reliance on this …


Can cannabis help alleviate migraines?

"I have had bad migraines that come at the same time monthly and sometimes I experience nausea. This has been happening since I was a …

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