best strain for degenerative arthritis

"degenerative arthritits in my hips that also causes bursitis flares. Am taking Flow Kana CBD capsule but it isn’t helping." Have you tried a stronger …


Has CBD been known to restrict urine flow when taking via suppository for prostate cancer?

Not to my knowledge. I have spoken with many people about cannabis and how it helps with the urinary symptoms associated with prostate cancer, interstitial …


How does an artisanal strain grown with a Flow Kana farmer differ from generic industrial grown bud?

"Is this like the difference between wines? Will I notice a difference in flavor and experience, say if I had an OG Kush from an …


Does Flow Kana change strains that offered season to season or are your menus always similar?

"I guess I am asking if you do small batches and alternate what is offered given on what is the best quality at any given …


How do the Flow Kana farmers respond to what you are doing?

"Are they all onboard with the idea, or is it a mixed bag? What do they see as their future place as the industry continues …


Can you use the vaginal suppository while menstruating?

"Does it dissolve quickly enough so it isn’t flushed out by menstrual flow? " Using a vaginal suppository while menstruating should not present a problem …

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