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HelloMD Content Policies

Our goal is to create the most useful informational resource for medical cannabis consumers. To that end we ask all contributors of content to follow the following guidelines.

All content posted to the site is monitored by the moderation team, and we reserve the right to remove any content that (in our opinion) does not conform to our content policies.

We are a resource for medical users of cannabis, and not recreational users. Content should therefore be oriented around the medicinal use of cannabis.

Question Policies

The goal of each question page is that it become the best resource for medical users of cannabis looking for an answer to that question.

  • The primary intention of a question should be to obtain information, not to argue a point or make a statement.
  • Questions should not be used to promote a business, or for solicitation.
  • Questions should encourage answers that provide explanation and should be as open-ended as possible. Limited-choice 'poll questions' are not allowed.

Questions should have some relationship to the medical use of cannabis.

  • They should be medical and not recreational use questions
  • Questions concerning any aspect of medicinal use are encouraged
Questions should be clearly written.

  • Start with a capital letter, end with a question mark, and use good grammar and spelling
  • Add additional explanation for the question in the box provided
  • If possible, only ask one question at a time

Answer Policies

Answers should add to the body of knowledge by attempting to answer the question posed with thoughtful, meaningful content.

  • Short, one-line answers or statements are discouraged
  • Answers may be written with humor, so long as they are genuine attempts to answer the question
  • Answers that include information copied from other sites should place the copied text in quotes, and provide clear attribution to the source
  • Answers should be truthful and authentic
Answers should be well formatted

  • Use line breaks to make long paragraphs more readable
  • Write in English, with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Is permitted but only if sincere, helpful and a direct answer to the question
  • Links to HelloMD business listings are allowed as part of a sincere answer
  • Self-promotional links to pages outside of HelloMD are not permitted
  • The best way to self-promote is to provide a valuable answer to the question

General Content Policies

In order to maintain a standard of quality in all contributions to HelloMD whether they be Questions or Answers, they must conform to the following basic content guidelines.

If there is any doubt about compliance with content policies, the review team will use the goal assessment “Does this content improve the value of the question page as a resource for others, or detract from it?”

Specifically, content of the following nature is disallowed:


Writing should not be intended to agitate, or inspire conflict. Polite disagreement and debate is acceptable so long as civility is maintained and the authors intent is to improve the body of knowledge by adding the question or answer posed.


Any question or answer judged offensive, containing profanity, off color humor, insulting or in poor taste is disallowed.


All content posted should be original and not copied from other websites unless specific attribution is provided to the source.


All questions and answers should be written as sincere attempts to explain or add to the value of the page as a resource for people seeking an answer to that question. Sarcastic or ironic statements whether meant as humor or otherwise are not allowed.


While differences of opinion are allowed, where content is judged to be blatantly or unambiguously inaccurate or misleading, it will be removed.


Defaming or slandering another person or business is not allowed. HelloMD Answers is not a product review site, and unfair or negative reviews intended simply to denigrate another product or business are not allowed.

Poor Writing

Questions and Answers should be written in English, with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Customer Service

HelloMD Answers is not the correct forum to post questions intended to get assistance from HelloMD customer services. Please used the chat features for this, or email

How Moderation Works

All content posted to the site is reviewed by the HelloMD content team. A decision is made immediately as to whether the content conforms with policies or not.

Content judged by the moderators to be out of compliance is flagged with one of the policy headings above, and is immediately removed from the site.

The author of that content will receive an email stating that their content post is not in compliance, and the reason for removal.

In case of removal, there is no opportunity for a secondary review of that content.

Repeat offenders of policy violations may be temporarily, or permanently banned from the site.