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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your service legal?

Yes, our service is legal in the state of California as per the medical board of California (Telehealth and Medical Cannabis laws).

Q: When are your doctors available?

Our doctors are available 7 days per week from 10am to 7pm including weekends and holidays.

Q: Who is able to legally write a medical marijuana recommendation for me?

Any licensed California physician or Osteopath can recommend or approve your use of medical marijuana. However, not all doctors are comfortable with providing this, nor informed about the medical use of cannabis. By using HelloMD, you can be sure to connect with a doctor who is already familiar, and informed about the medical use of marijuana medication.

Q: What is a doctor’s recommendation?

A recommendation states that you have a qualifying medical condition that adheres to qualifying conditions for the state of California under California Proposition 215. The recommendation is not a prescription, but is a necessary document for you to legally purchase cannabis in states that have medical cannabis laws.

Q: Do I need to renew my doctor's recommendation?

Yes. Doctor's recommendations must be renewed on an annual basis. HelloMD will contact you prior to the expiration of your card, with options to renew. You will need to conduct a follow up consultation with a HelloMD doctor before a renewal can be issued

Q: What am I able to do with a doctor's recommendation?

You will be legally able to visit a medical cannabis dispensary and purchase cannabis, or order delivery service from a dispensary.

Q: Does HelloMD accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover your consultation.

Q: What is the difference between a doctor’s recommendation and an ID card?

The recommendation is the written piece of paper that is given to you by the doctor if you are approved for the use of medical marijuana. The card is an easy to carry representation of the recommendation and should be accepted by your local dispensary. We do suggest that you carry a hard copy of your recommendation in addition, particularly upon your first visit to a new dispensary.

Q: Do I need a state-issued ID to legally possess marijuana?

No. It is legal in the state of California to possess medical marijuana without a state-issued ID card as long as a physician has recommended use based on a qualifying medical condition. You are not obligated to apply for a state issued ID card, or join a state registry.

Q: Does HelloMD share my information with anyone?

Your information is confidential to you and the doctor you consult with. Your medical records will be maintained in our (HIPAA compliance) secure system. Your health insurance company, employer, nor any other entity will have access to this information. Your information is private and secure.

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