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Cachexia & Marijuana

Cachexia is the loss of body weight, muscle mass and weakness that can occur with cancer, AIDS/HIV, anorexia, or any other chronic disease Approximately 50-80% of all cancer patients will develop cachexia usually during the final stages of their disease. Immunes systems response to diseases can cause a sever lack of appetite. Cachexia can be helped by the use of THC in cannabis to stimulate appetite. Combining THC with CBD from cannabis seems to provide even more appetite stimulation than THC alone. The use of THC heavy cannabis can lead to a significant stimulation of appetite, resulting in an increase of body weight in patients. In 1992, the FDA approved the use of Dronabinol, a THC derivative, to help treat HIV-wasting syndrome. Oral intake of 5 mg of Dronabinol twice a day was able to increase the appetite and energy of patients, as well as an improve a patients mood. Dronabinol usage led to an increase in patients body fat in patients, too. Similar results occurred in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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