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Muscle Spasms & Marijuana

Muscle spasms are sudden involuntary contractions that can affect many areas of the body. They can be caused by many diseases and conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, paraplegia, spinal nerve injuries, Tourette’s Syndrome and strokes. Sativex, a medication approved in Canada and Great Britain for the treatment of pain and muscle contraction, is a cannabinoid product that is sprayed under the tongue. It appears that the THC has properties in Sativex boost anandamide, which is a regulator of the nervous system. A boost in anadamide can result in a decrease of muscle spasms. The current treatment of barbiturates and muscles relaxants for muscle spasms can have serious and life-threatening side effect. Medical marijuana usage has never had a reported incident of overdoes or death.

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