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Dispensary and Delivery Services

Register new patients with your dispensary in seconds. Promote your business to an ever-growing list of new patients.

When a patient visits your dispensary for the first time, chances are that you require them to complete paperwork before they can become your customer. The information you require includes:

  • Their name and address
  • Doctors name and license number
  • A copy of their doctors recommendation
  • A copy of the ID
  • A signed legal agreement to join your collective

HelloMD already has this information on file with all of our patients. Therefore, with the permission of the patient, we can share this with you in seconds saving time and money, and making the onboarding of new customers seamless and fast.

In fact, new patients can join your dispensary through HelloMD without even having to visit, including taking care of all legal work.

How it works

  • We will list your dispensary on our website (it may already be there)
  • Update with photos, your logo and a custom description
  • Include your legal agreement for patients to sign when they join
  • Login to HelloMD to download consenting patient information to your system

There are three tiers of dispensary listing:

Listed Featured Recommended
Listed on HelloMD Yes Yes Yes
Order of search results After Featured and Recommended After Recommended First in search results
Custom pictures, description, logo No Yes Yes
Link back to HelloMD No No Yes
Patient can sign legal agreement on HelloMD No Yes Yes
Patient can share their info with you HelloMD No Yes Yes
Custom co-marketing plan developed with quarterly commitments No No Yes

Custom co-marketing plans:

We partner with select dispensaries on coordinated co-marketing, including events, emails, press launches and similar activities.

In-house doctor service

When a patient visits your dispensary without a current recommendation, you can provide a facility onsite, with nothing more than an iPad or laptop with a good Internet connection. We will provide you with a discount code to service new patients visiting your store with discounted pricing.

You will need to provide the patient with some level of privacy, since they will be discussing personal medical information.


There are no costs to join this program. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement.

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