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Product Manufacturers

If you have a cannabis product to promote, you need access to new patients with valid doctors recommendations in order to grow your market. HelloMD can provide you with:

  • 1 The most convenient way to help your customers get their medical recommendations
  • 2 Educate and inform our patients about your products through our product spotlight marketing service (blog, newsletter, website listing)

How it works

  • We will provide you with a link, containing a unique offer code, to place on your website. Patients that follow this link can get their medical recommendation through HelloMD at a discounted price.

  • We will list your product and company information on our website, and feature it in our customer newsletters to our entire database of patients.

  • Along with the link, use one of our Partner Banner ads to compliment your website design.

  • If you have a physical event or promotion, including a link to HelloMD on the invitation will ensure that participants will have their recommendations before they arrive.


There are no costs to join this program. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement.

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