A patient cannot eat well and is in hospital undergoing Chemo.

"A patient has cancer which has spread all over the body due to chemo. They cannot eat or swallow. Any good suggestions for getting food or fluids with energy into this patient?

It is distressing to hear about anyone who is suffering from cancer, In reading your question, I doubt that the cancer has spread all over the body due to chemo. The chemo is used to try and prevent the spread of any cancer and hopefully treating the cancer that remains.

If they cannot eat or swallow due to the side effects of the chemo causing nausea, sometimes a tincture of a high CBD strain of cannabis can help to relieve the nausea that can occur. Some fluids and food may be able to be taken at this point. The drug Marinol, a synthetic THC pill has been used for nausea for some time. If a patient can vape, Durban Poison is an option but since they are in the hospital it is not an option. Sometimes however this limited amount of nutrition is not adequate and the following avenue below is taken.

If there is a physical reason that this cannot be done due this due to the cancer obstructing the passage of food through the body, then another method of nutrition is called for. Generally a large bore Intravenous is placed into a large vein, usually in the neck, and hyper-alimentation fluid is given intravenously. This has the nutrients that are needed to maintain the bodily functions without having to eat any food.

Perry Solomon, MD

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