A relative has such bad Rosacea that she hardly leaves the house anymore. She's tried just about everything.

"Can marijuana help my sister in law? Her rosacea is really uncomfortable for her and is all over her face so it makes social situations very uncomfortable as well. She is practically housebound. She has tried a lot of different treatments but never marijuana. Any thoughts?"

There are several different types of rosacea, and it can be can be really difficult to treat. It is important that your relative be evaluated by a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment, which might include topical medications, systemic medications, and/or laser therapy.

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and may be helpful as a supplemental therapy for rosacea. It is important to remember that it should not be smoked, especially in the case of rosacea, because smoke can worsen skin conditions due to harmful bi-products and carcinogens. Furthermore, smoking decreases collagen, just like smoking cigarettes, resulting in skin-aging. Any other form of administration, including topicals, may provide benefits.


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