adderral and zoloft & hemp/CBD oil

"Hello my 12 son has high functioning autism and ADHD & is on adderral and zoloft. I’m curious about CBD oil and would ultimately love to get him off these drugs. Can anyone advise about interaction among these three things and suggestions. Thank you!"


There are several pre-clinical studies suggesting that the endocannabinoid system is involved in the pathophysiology of autism.
In fact, because the pre-clinical evidence has been so positive, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will soon conduct an observational study — following autism patients who are using cannabis to address their symptoms.

While there are many patients who report that cannabis helps with their ADHD symptoms, the supporting research is not as robust as it is for autism. However, a 2012 study suggested that cannabis may be helpful with treating ADHD – more likely the subtypes that include hyperactive–impulsive symptoms than the inattentive subtype. Their findings indirectly support research linking relevant cannabinoid receptors to regulatory control.

At typical dosages (under 100mg CBD/day), CBD is safe to take with Adderral and Zoloft. Please consult with a physician before starting any protocol.


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