After discovering that THCV and CBN are helpful for osteoporosis, appetite suppression and PTSD, I now seek strains.

"Can you point me in a direction to find landrace strains, such as Durban Poison and Willie Nelson, which don’t seem to be readily available? (tried Leafly and googling to no avail) I’m currently vaping and using tinctures and edibles for sleep but would love to find a strain for the osteoporosis and to decrease the munchies. Thanks for any help you can offer."

Actually, cannabis does help to preserve the bones but osteoporosis can only be reversed if you have the building blocks to make new bones. If you are over 60 years old, you may need to add as spray in the mouth that supports the body’s ability to make its own human growth hormone to stimulate new bone production but again you still need the building blocks. For new bones you must have an adequate blood level of vitamin D3. It is almost impossible to obtain enough Vitamin D from the sun because the skin will rapidly age and skin cancers may result from excessive exposure. Take your vitamin D3 because it is a hormone, not a vitamin and it is necessary to put the calcium in your diet into the bones where it belongs. If you do dairy products and do you eat meat, you are getting too much phosphorus and you will further deteriorate your bones. The best dietary calcium to build bones is obtained in seaweed and dark leafy greens and a diet that minimizes meat, sugar and caffeine. When you exercise it stimulates the bones to become more solid so in essence you’re telling your body exactly where you want the calcium to be placed provided you have adequate vitamin D3. I also discourage patients from smoking their medicine, when we want exact amounts given for tissue repair, I suggest you take a tincture for more accuracy. Good luck in your search for the exact right bud to help your bones also.


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