Although I get a good buzz, I never see or exhale any vapor. Am I doing something wrong?

Its usually hard to notice vape from the first draw, yet it tastes so good and thats because the first part of the plant to become vapour is the terpenes. Be sure the bowl is packed full, but loose with a course grind. Make your draw last at least 8-10 seconds long, and hold the firefly 2 more level.


Try to take really long slow drawls. Also beak up your material (hand torn or course grind), and let it dry a bit for 10-15 minutes. I can get large clouds after the first or second draw. Stir the bowl after 2-3 draws.


I have found that if you let the FF2 heat up for awhile, like 12-14 seconds then draw on it very slowly until you see the green light go out, and continue drawing for another 2 seconds, you’ll see a big difference in what you’ve inhaled, and the high is also better. Hope it works for you….It worked for me!


There’s a few things you can try:

  • Inhale deeply for at least 10 full seconds. Think "yoga" breath – slow, deep, and steady.
  • Turn up the heat setting
  • Add more material to the bowl. With a loose grind, you can pack above the rim and push down.
  • Add less material to the bowl. If you pack it too tightly, the air won’t flow through and neither will the heat.
  • Watch this video for instructions from Firefly’s cofounder: https://youtu.be/51YZTTDfCr4


The Firefly is extremely efficient. It’s advanced technology makes it so your lungs are absorbing most of what you are inhaling. With other vaporizers, especially e-cigarettes, there are many additives in the material itself that your body cannot actually absorb.

This is why such large clouds are exhaled from many other vapes– you are getting rid of excess and useless compounds that would not actually add to your buzz!


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