Am I extra sensitive to THC?

"I have been using Rick Simspon oil every day for 9 weeks, for migraine, major depressive disorder and anxiety. CBD has been excellent for treating severe pain. However the THC appears to be better for anxiety. The plan was to habituate to the THC by gradually increasing the dose. However despite daily use I still feel very effected i.e. spaced out, depersonalised and lethargic and have not been able to up the dose at all. Am I extra sensitive to THC? (I take quite a big dose of CBD oil along side it, to try and minimise effects of THC)"

There are alot of people like yourself that hit a plateau with the oil and cannot take a higher dose…I was going to suggest taking a higher dose of CBD, but you said that you already take CBD with it. There is a natural supplement that you can get at a health food store that is called Citicoline, which can help neutralize the uncomfortable effects of the THC oil. Also, there are a few natural foods that can also help counteract the effects, this info is from Dr. Ethan Russo. Cold lemonade, peppercorns, pine nuts and calamus root. They all contain terpenoids that help counteract the unwanted effects…hope this helps!!


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