Applying for a medical cannabis card for the state of Nevada?

"Can you provide a California card to me if I reside in Nevada? What is the process to get one?"

We certainly can, but you would need to drive over the border to California in order to have the doctors consultation. This is a requirement to remain in compliance with state laws on Telehealth. You can complete the medical information on our site prior to your drive, then drive over the border and connect with the doctor from your smart phone via live video feed.

We will mail your documents to the address provided, which may be in Nevada. Our doctors are available 7 days per week, from 10am – 7pm.


We are happy to provide Nevada residents with California marijuana recommendations, so long as the patient is located in CA at the time of the doctors consultation.

The reason is due to Telehealth laws. The doctors has to be licensed to practice medicine in the state where the patient is physically during the consultation.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can complete the medical information for your file, and then drive over the border in CA which takes around 45 minutes. Once over the border, you can connect with one of our doctors using a video link over your smart phone.

We will mail the recommendation and card to the address you provide, which may be in Nevada.

Please note that NV dispensaries may vary in terms of the documentation they require from you. Due to NV reciprocity laws, they are likely to accept your CA recommendation, but some may also want to see a CA ID, whereas others may not. You might try using your passport as ID, along with your CA recommendation. If you have any doubts about this part, I would suggest you call your local NV dispensary and ask ahead of time. We cannot be responsible for all of the different rules dispensaries follow.


You can get a California medical card from HelloMD, so long as you are in the state of CA at the time of the consultation. If you live near the border, you can complete the medical forms, then drive over the state line, and connect with the doctor over your smart phone.

We will mail your card and recommendation to your home address (which may be in Nevada). You should check with local dispensaries about the documentation they require from you. Some may ask you for a CA ID along with the CA recommendation. Others will likely accept your CA recommendation, and NV ID.

Call and ask.


You must physically be in California in order to obtain a California recommendation but then it would be honored in Nevada. A Nevada recommendation does not work for California because California does not offer reciprocity like Nevada does. Hopefully you’re not very far from the border of California and we’d be happy to interview you for a potential recommendation, if you came over for a visit.


Come on over to California for the day and give us a call. We can give you a recommendation if you are in California at the time and it will be recognized in California and Nevada but if you obtain a recommendation in Nevada it is not recognized in California. It just makes economic sense to purchase a visit with our doctors to obtain your recommendation. Dispensaries often want to see proof that you have some utility bill or other attachment to California but California delivery services can deliver to you when you are in California. Legally, you must be in California at the time of the recommendation for us to be able to give you the recommendation. Don’t fly with your cannabis though because that is Federal airspace.


HelloMD does not yet do business in the state of Nevada. If you are in NV and want to get a California recommendation, you can drive over the border and have the doctors consultation from your car once you cross the border. We will mail your CA doctors recommendation to your address in NV. You will have to check with your local dispensary as to their paperwork requirements. You should do this before you get a recommendation from us.


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