Are CBD's strain specific?

"Lately I’ve seen lots of video online showing CBD oil being given to kids having seizures and parkinson patients having severe distortion, tremors difficulty speaking and within minutes under control. I have friends witj Parkinsons who need help."

We all want to help our friends but some things must be left to the doctors, like the management of disease process so please, do not treat your friends but you may make suggestions that may help.
Most cases of Parkinson’s disease are not hereditary that we are aware of it this time but the person may have genes that increase their risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.
Due to the increase chemical load we are all living with it is highly likely the person may be toxic enter health them develop a better diet and lifestyle may be of some benefit. Certainly, exercise has been shown to be beneficial in slowing the progression of Parkinson’s disease.
There are many chemicals in various professions that may be associated with Parkinson’s disease including fungicides, insecticides, agent orange, herbicides, Chemical neurotoxins and even a history of prior head injuries maybe significant for damaging the part of the brain responsible for secreting dopamine.
We have no studies regarding the use of CBD oil in a patient with Parkinson’s disease but we do know that both CBD and THC trigger dopamine production so there may be benefit and it likely can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and since cannabis tends to be well-tolerated the patient may decide it’s worth a try. The area of the brain that produces dopamine is in the process of dying so the results will depend a lot on the progression of the disease since Cannabis will not bring that area back to life once the tissue has died.
Finding the cause of Parkinson’s disease is the ultimate goal in being able to effectively cure the disease.
1998 research does it reveal the neuroprotective benefit of have cannabinoids and it does appear that cannabis is able to help remove toxins and toxic waste and it is believed that neurotoxic build up contributes to Parkinson’s disease but cannabinoids can improve the health of the mitochondria while reducing oxidative stress in the brain which would slow the degeneration.
There are later studies that show that CBD is beneficial in treating Parkinson’s psychosis because it eliminated a neurotoxin thought to be a contributor in the development of Parkinson’s disease and it reduced brain cell death.
This is an area where are a lot of research is being done and it does appear favorable to the use of cannabis just love the disease and in treatment of the symptoms so it is worth following closely.


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