Are Giggle Therapeutics products sugar free?

"I have been looking for a sugar free edible to help with insomnia."

We have one product that is sugar-free that you can try out for insomnia.

It is Giggle Butter Eazy Cheezy
Product info on HelloMD:
Product info on our website:

Giggle Butter is a coconut oil based spreadable edible condiment flavored with superfood.
Made with organic & gluten-free ingredients. NO SUGAR, NO GMO

Giggle Butter is used to medicate your meals and snacks (savory!) at your customized dosage. No need to cook with it, just add after, like a condiment!

Ingredients: *cannabis, *coconut oil, *red palm oil (sustainably harvested), *white cheddar powder, nutritional yeast, white pepper, garlic, onion and sea salt.
*Organic Ingredients

‘Dose’: 1/2 teaspoon = about 15mg THC
8 oz Jar = about 1450mg THC
Small Tin = about 150mg THC
First time user? Start with 1/4 tsp (appx 7.5mg THC), and wait at least 2 hours before increasing dose.


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