Are marijuana products that claim to be organic really organic?

Maybe, maybe not!

It turns out that "certified organic" products are regulated federally; since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, that means growers and/or manufacturers are able to call their non-organic goods "natural" or "organic" without any consequences. In states that have legalized cannabis, it will require state legislature to become involved until the federal government gets on board.


Cannabis can’t be labeled organic because it is a federally illegal substance and the organic designation is controlled by the USDA.

To ensure that you’re getting clean material, shop with a trusted source, ask for third party testing results, and know your source! Generally cannabis that is sun grown outdoors is more naturally resistant to pests and molds, so there’s less need for any chemical intervention (than greenhouse or indoor grown plants).

You can also ask about certified Biodynamic cannabis – which is even more stringent, and regulated than organic. We believe this is the gold standard for growing clean, pure and therapeutic plants.

Mendocino County’s cultivation permits are handed out only to growers who are using sustainable methods and no chemicals.

California State is also starting the Cal-ganics program – a new organic certification for cannabis.


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