Are Terpenes inactivated when chewed and swallowed? And what is a safe dose in an edible?

The terpenes found in cannabis are widely found in the plant world. So, chewing them and swallowing them don’t inactivate them per se. Whether they are absorbed into your system is another question. You would have to drink concentrated form of terpenes before any safety concerns arose, so don’t do that ; )
Most, if not all, of the major terpenes found in cannabis are consumed by people everyday in the fruits and vegetables they eat. Most edibles use extracted THC or CBD so you aren’t getting the whole plant extract with its spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in a typical edible. If you send me an email at info@calstatecaregivers.com I can send you a list of the major terpenes, what their medicinal effects are, and what other foods they are found in. Aromatheraphy is the most effective way to dose with terpenes and have been shown to have great medicinal benefits when absorbed through the nostrils.


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