Are the bags cute? Could I take this out at night instead of my regular purse?

Absolutely! AnnaBis bags are designed by designers who work for Coach, Izaac Mizrahi, and Halston – they’re on trend and are "baked" (haha) with the colors that all the designers are using for clothes and accessories. We made these bags because we were tired of using baggies and tea tins, and we wanted something really nice that complements our style. And we couldn’t find anything – so we made them! I’d recommend the Chelsea cross-body if you want to go all day (and don’t have to carry your computer), with a secret compartment that holds a LOT on the bottom. I can fit two pairs of glasses, my money/credit cards, keys, lipstick, handcream, mints and more up top. On the bottom I have a vape, pipe, product, lighter and a cool portable ash tray I found. OR, try the Melissa! What’s great about her is that she acts as a clutch (going out at night), and during the day you just throw her in your oversized bag or tote. Melissa holds two types of medicine, the tools you need, and all the stuff you use to stay discreet. And more styles coming this holiday! You tell us what you want, and we make it! That’s our motto! I put mine right on the table when I dine out, and no one’s the wiser!


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