Are there CBD edibles?

"I love the taste of edibles, but the effects are way too strong. Are CBD edibles hard to find or do they even exist?"

This is a great question! There is definitely a new push for all or mostly CBD edibles to be within the marketplace. Auntie Dolores has an all CBD Brownie Bite. Many dispensaries carry gummies that are CBD dominant as well. When I look for a CBD edible I look to see if it is made from hemp or medical marijuana. My preference is for the latter as I believe in the entourage effect, where many different cannabinoids work together to provide relief, which for me is more effective than CBD only from hemp. Hope this helps!


My company Kiva Confections just released two 1:1 CBD and THC cannabis dark chocolate bars in California. We believe in a whole plant philosophy and extract all the cannabinoids from cannabis for their synergistic properties. The experience is very mellow compared to a THC-only product. We recommend starting with a 5MG piece and seeing if you enjoy the effects. If you still find the ratio of THC is too strong, you should look for a CBD-only product- though you do want to make sure it’s whole plant sourced and there is a small amount of THC in there in order to activate the CBD’s effects on your endocannabinoid system. I hope that helps!


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