Are there certain strains that heighten my sexual experience?

"I’ve read that certain strains like Alaskan Thunder Fuck, can do that. Is this true?"

I think it varies from strain to strain and also from your surroundings. I’ve had strong sexual enhancement from a wide variety of strains, usually indicas will produce more of that body feel that creates more sensation. However, if you are smoking by yourself, chances are you wont be sitting their alone with a boosted libido. Im a firm believer that cannabis will not create desire, but if you already have it then it definitely has the potential to boost it in a pretty significant way. Cannabis affects everyone so differently that i could recommend you my most libido boosting strain and it will do nothing for you. So experiment with a good indica in a comfortable environment with someone that you are comfortable with. Experimentation is part of the fun of sex after all!


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