Are there certified Non-GMO cannabis resources?

"I’ve recently have learned that there’s acknowledgements of GMO cannabis causing alarm for its potency! Those who are referring to it as weaponized cannabis! Do you have documented non-gmo resources available?"

It is difficult to find documented non-GMO cannabis because there is essentially no GMO cannabis. Selective breeding techniques have produced enough high quality cannabis that there is little benefit for genetically modified cannabis. All of the cannabis that has come about recently is the result of the hard work of master growers all over the country and not genetic modification. Monsanto, a prominent biotech company, has made the first genetically modified cannabis plants, though they are not available for sale or consumption.


In the loosest terms genetically modified means any modification or change to the DNA outside of normal mutation and variation. Selective breeding which is how many food crop you know came to exist and is considered genetic modification in some circles.

The GMO is the process of splicing sections of the DNA sequence of one plant or organism of one species with a certain desirable trait, like pest resistance, into a separate plant/species through very complicated chemistry and other processes.

Marijuana has NOT undergone this mutant process as of yet (although some reports claim Monsanto might already have done it) and all of our strictly organic flowers of the highest medical grade are ‘certified non-GMO’ by our master cultivators https://greendoorwest.com/collections/flowers Each strain has been lab-tested for potency and microbial screening. There really should not be much ‘alarming’ around potency, the key is dosage not strain potency.


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