As a cannabis farmer how do terpenes play a role in the flowers you decide to cultivate, if at all?

Believe it or not, terpenes are the biggest deciding factor in deciding what to cultivate in our garden. We take into account, a myriad of different factors, but the aroma and smell a particular variety exhibits are what truly sets it apart from others. Terpenes are extremely complex and useful compounds that have wide ranging effects on consumers, but general provide an antibiotic/protective influence on the plant.

Terpenes are extremely important when processing cannabis flowers into a concentrate or extract. The concentrating of the essential oils from the flowers can produce an extremely aromatic, flavorful product that has become all the rage with California cannabis consumers. The most innovative techniques for solvent-less processing are actually able to retain so many terpenes that several processors are being able to provide the market with a previously unimagined level of quality. As farmers, we are keen to cultivate strains with unique terpene profiles that take advantage of these new processing systems.

It’s all in the terps…


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