As a survivor of sexual trauma, I'm intrigued with Foria to help "get going". 3 questions:

"1. What’s the difference between Foria spray and oral THC sprays? The CBD’s or the oral vs. genital application.
2. What kind of THC do you use? Meaning Indica/Sativa or a hybrid?
3. What’s the reaction time? Most edibles have a delayed effect, is this true for Foria as well?"


  1. Foria Pleasure is designed to be used topically on the clitoris, vulva and inside vagina for enhanced sexual pleasure. Although Foria contains activated THC and absorbs into your body, when used vaginally, most people do not experience a psychoactive high (as is mostly the case with oral use of THC). Foria Pleasure does not contain CBD. Foria Pleasure is made with liquid coconut oil that is also very good for female hygiene – pH Balancing or and anti microbial.

  2. Foria Pleasure is made with non strain specific THC as we have discovered the specific strain makes little or no difference when used this way.

  3. Foria Pleasure will absorb in about 15-30 minutes, a great time for foreplay!


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