"Why does your company say I should only expect 60 days out of the supplied battery? Don’t you realize your device is very expensive and that is not acceptable for someone to have to buy extra batteries when a battery dies that quickly? You talk about how your product is similar to Apple but there is no way that would be their “customer service” answer….

Hello! We expect 1 year to 18 months as normal lifetime of the battery. However, we are a very small company and can only extend the warranty to you that is given to us by our manufacturer. So as do all other consumer electronics companies, the warranty on the battery is less than the warranty on the product. Good luck!


Thank you for your question! The Firefly uses lithium-ion batteries, just like many other consumer electronic devices. These batteries naturally degrade with time/use and our founders, Mark and Sasha, designed the Firefly with a swappable battery so that the device will last much longer than the battery does.

For more information on lithium ion batteries and their natural degradation:


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