Best medical marijuana strains for energy?

*”I need to find a cannabis strain that will keep me productive throughout the day, I find most strains put me to sleep. Are there any strains that give you energy?” *

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Let’s be honest, getting out of bed can often be a challenge, especially if your schedule consists of work and other time-consuming occupations. Shooting back a cup of coffee, or three can only go so far in helping you wake up and face your day. Plus, the energizing properties of coffee only last so long and can leave you feeling worse or create an energy slump later in your day.

Contrary to many opinions about cannabis, it can actually be a very healthy alternative to combat low energy and general feelings of fatigue. The right marijuana strain can help you be more focused and productive throughout the day. With that being said, knowing the proper strain for daytime energy and motivation is key.

So, how do we know that cannabis can energize you? Well, this has a lot to do with the CB1 and CBD2 cannabinoid receptors in your brain. These receptors are responsible for regulating the body’s serotonin and dopamine levels. Overall, they help with your body functioning and health

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Cannabis Sativa strains trigger the release of serotonin when consumed. It’s possible you’ve heard that serotonin is related to wakefulness, that’s part of the reason why Sativa strains can help your body stay energized, focused, and awake. If you’re looking for a strain of cannabis to replace your cup of coffee or maybe you need something a little extra to focus and motivation, here are a few recommendations.


One of the strongest cannabis strains on the market is Ghost Train Haze This strain is for the advanced cannabis consumer, the general rule here is take it easy; with the right dosing, however, consumes will find a pleasant euphoric high that’s fit for accomplishing tasks and socializing. But take too much and Ghost Train Haze can leave you feeling foggy, anxious, and paranoid. With this strain, it’s best to start with a small dose and see how it affects you.


If you’re looking to experience a unique flavor profile while feeling revived, Chocolope is a strain you may want to try. The product of two distinctly Sativa parents, Chocolope is an uplifting marijuana strain that can help you tackle your to-do list. This strain has a citrusy and fruity aroma that’s sweet to the taste but depending on the batch you could also experience coffee, cocoa, and melon undertones on the exhale. Medical cannabis patients thoroughly enjoy this strain because it allows for medication without sedation due to its energizing effects. Many consider this strain to go great with coffee and get you going for a long day of work or even a day at the gym.


If you’re worried about the paranoia that can come with smoking cannabis, Durban Poison may be a great option. It’s an all-Sativa strain so expect a clear-head and a focused high. Often described as the “espresso of cannabis strains” Durban Poison can help soothe social anxieties while keeping you energized. The uplifting cerebral characteristics of Durban Poison can help those with ADD or ADHD, and its energizing properties can give a boost to those with chronic fatigue syndromes. Like any other strain, be sure not to overdo it as this strain can overpower you.

While it’s typical for cannabis consumers to use the plant to wind down and relax, certain marijuana strains can significantly boost energy and productivity. While your daily coffee may be a popular stimulant, cannabis can be just as, if not more, effective. When ingesting marijuana to fight fatigue, there are a few methods that can be effective. Smoking or vaping are the best choices if you’re looking to feel the immediate effects of the cannabis. Another great option is edibles or capsules as they will provide a longer-lasting boost of energy, they will just take longer to kick in.

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