Best mm for spinal stenosis and bulging discs

First, correct your posture to elongate the spine because when you slump you bunch up the ligament inside the spine and it compresses the spinal cord even more increasing your pain and muscle spasms. You must also stay well hydrated.
Second, start using CBD:THC, 1:1 topical cream applied to the spine every hour during your waking hours to get your pain under control and you may need to use high dose CBD tincture internally as well. At night, you may need a 1:1 tincture or vaporizing pen to sleep well but continue to apply the topicals as well.
Third, be certain your nutrition is at its best, lots of fresh fish or fish oils, a healthy Vitamin D3 blood level above 55 ng/ml, stop dairy and other inflammatory foods and stop Omega 6 & 9 in the diet.
Four, keep moving. I encourage classes like Rosen classes to learn gentle movements that help heal the body and get you back into living life mor fully.
With structural back pain you must look at what you believe is breaking the structure and function of your life.


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