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Sorry, to hear about your back pain it would be helpful to have more information. Do you have Degenerative disc disease, have you had surgery, what area of your back is most affected your neck, mid back or low back? Are you brown skinned? Is there a history of bone disease problems and your family? So the reason for all these questions…. I think topical CBD salve(it does have THC also) is just one excellent form of cannabis to apply regularly to stop muscle spasms and pain. Using full flower CBD on a regular basis helps to stop the pain and all inflammatory disease. And your favorite Indica should help with sleep. If you are a brown skinned you very likely do not make vitamin D at all so please have your blood level of vitamin D checked then try to supplement vitamin D regularly every day with food until your blood level is above 55 ng/ ml. If your blood Level will not go up as it should, you could have a congenital vitamin D receptor block in your genetic make up but then you should see family members with bone problems and even diabetes since it’s on the same chromosome. This makes treatment alone more challenging but it is doable because this is what I have and I always have to take a vitamin D and I struggle with the discomfort in my bones. It will require a lot more effort on your part to be well. Do not take calcium supplements you will calcified tissue you do not want to calcify so stop all dairy except for rare treat. Of course you should be under the care of a physician but most have never studied nutrition or genetics. So hopefully you can see why the answer is not simple and I can’t recommend one product best or back pain only really I haven’t addressed the issues of why you have back pain.
Good luck, I think this can get you started on the road to feeling much better.


I have a pinch never in my lower back, also have scoliosis with arthritis of the spine just want something that will help me get through the day with no pain. This pain that I have never goes away to were it is hard to do anything. When you have 2 children that needs you it makes it hard on them and you.
Have tried everything under the sun when it comes to meds and way to deal with this and nothing helps. That when I found out about this and thought this is hopefully give me some kind of relief.


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