Best strain for depression?

Hi there! You’ll want to look for strains high in the terpenes limonene and linalool which are both know to be helpful for depression and mental conditions. Some suggested strains are: AK 47, Blue Dream, Amnesia Haze, Jilly Bean and Lemon Haze.

You can check out this article on our website for more information about these. https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/57fbd5a9321b570007790312/top-marijuana-strains-for-depression

I hope that helps. 🙂


Hello, you may also want to check out the following roundup of Q&As from the community on depression and how cannabis may be able to help. One of the respondents includes mention of several cannabis strains including Jack Herer and Blue Dream that could help ease depression. Meanwhile, one of our doctors (@drkim) suggests low doses of sativas in his informative answer. As everyone’s system is unique, it will require some experimenting on your part to see which strain works for you. Always keep in mind that you want to go low and slow when trying a new cannabis product. Best of luck.


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