Breastfeeding and Cannabis Use

"I currently am still breastfeeding my toddler for naps, bedtime, and comfort nursing. I am wanting information in regards to how to safely still be able to use medical cannabis while still breastfeeding my toddler son. Is there a way to use the medical cannabis and just have to wait a certain amount of time before breastfeeding my son? I am completely new to using medical cannabis and have not used any yet. I will be using it for anxiety/depression and also for headaches. "

Actually, I would not recommend that you do systemic cannabis while nursing since the cannabis is fat soluble and would be transferred in breast milk to the baby. You could do topical cannabis for your neck and spots on your head that are painful when you have a headache because the topical cannabis will not transfer to the breastmilk affecting your toddler. You may want to address your problems directly by correcting the underlying cause. Are you dehydrated, Do you have migraines that need extensive food elimination or other factors involved with your headaches that need to be addressed? D-ribose will often get rid of a headache and it meets the needs of your ribonucleic acid but even this safe product is not recommended for people under 18 years of age because there are no research studies conducted on children, for natural products. Passion flower is another excellent product that addresses anxiety but again it cannot be recommended for children.
You may be low in vitamin D and it is safe to use even while nursing because very little of it actually transfers into the breastmilk and many children do need vitamin D.
Until your son stops nursing, it might be best to wait before using cannabis since the average age to wean the baby world wide is around 2.8 years.
This may seem like a tough decision for you but the fact is you don’t want to do anything that could possibly cause harm to your child, long term and to this date no one has done any studies for long-term effect of cannabis on children.


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