Can anyone recommend 1 or 2 good strains to prevent headaches?

"They aren’t migraines, just tension headaches. I also suffer from a large degree of anxiety concerning them so need something for evening time that would help me relax. As an additional piece of information, I tend to be sensitive to psychoreactivity; makes me paranoid and then I really cannot relax."

Hello! Sounds like you would be a good candidate for cannabidiol, or CBD which is non psychoactive and can help decrease both headaches and anxiety. I would recommend using CBD in a vaporized form, starting with 1-2 puffs. I typically recommend to use CBD in a 20:1 ratio with THC (the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis) because a small amount of THC helps the CBD work. Cannabis can also be applied topically on the temples when you have a headache. Topical forms of cannabis, such as balms or salves, are usually non psychoactive as well. If this doesn’t quite help, you may want to seek a more in depth consultation from us or an evaluation from your regular health provider. Best of luck!


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alison leton

I think Dr. Lew has some excellent suggestions. Another consideration I tell pts when trying to manage headaches is to avoid combustion/ smoking of cannabis products as the carbon monoxide and other toxic byproducts produced are known HA/ headache inducers. If you are prone to anxiety attacks, I would keep things "low and slow" in terms of dosage and re-dosing schedule even if you are only using CBD (by definition if CBD is helping you as an anxiolytic/ anxiety reducer then it is psychoactive, just like sugar or caffeine. I have witnessed pts getting "amped" with CBD-only products to the point that they actually had difficulty sleeping). Everyone reacts differently to the various compounds like phytocannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis. It sounds like there is a fair amount of tension and anxiety present so I would also ask: what else are you doing to manage stress? Are you exercising enough? Are you engaged in a mindfulness/ meditation practice? If you have health insurance, have you considered any hypnosis-based or cognitive based behavioral talk therapy? The most successful patients that I have observed incorporate all of these modalities. The good news is: you can also incorporate moderate cannabis use with any of these techniques! I hope that all of these tips prove useful.


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