Can cannabis be used for constipation and bloating related to IBS?

"I have IBS and ulcerative colitis with bloating and constipation. Do you have a marijuana recommendation for immediate relief as well as something that may be preventative?"

Sublingual tinctures are the most effective way to use CBD oil.

Care By Design has some very good sublingual sprays that a friend of mine uses – I will link them below!


Interesting question! Constipation is a common ailment in the United States and there are several medical conditions associated with it; however, constipation is usually attributed to a low fiber diet, low water intake, and lack of physical activity. If you have long term constipation that is not alleviated by basic measures, it is important that you see your physician to rule out any underlying diseases.

It turns out that cannabis has been used for thousands of years to alleviate constipation. Cannabis has anti-emetic and anti-spasmodic properties and may relax your bowels. Hemp seed oil is used in China as a laxative. Around 2300 B.C., Emperor Sheng Nung prescribed marijuana for this and several other purposes. Ayurvedic physicians in India mix hemp leaves with milk, spices, and sugar for constipation. Tincture of cannabis was sold over the counter in the United States until 1937.

Ingestible forms of cannabis logically may be more beneficial for constipation, although any systemic route of administration (tinctures, vapor) may help.


Everyone is different, so in dosing I would start low and increase the dose as tolerated. I would also recommend a whole plant cannabis extract that uses the female flowers of CBD rich cananbis plants. This hemp extract is derived from the seeds and stalks of mature industrial hemp plants. This extract does not provide a high level of CBD. For the price I would not reccomend it.


Absolutely. Many men (and women) use Foria Relief rectally for a variety of reasons including low back pain, sciatica, IBS, general GI tract issues and muscle pain. The anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of CBD and THC can help greatly with these issues.



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