Can Cannabis be used to treat Vetiligo and how does that work?

"I have Vetiligo. I was wondering if Cannabis be used as a treatment of Vetiligo or for auto immune diseases such as ITP. I tried Cannabis a few years ago and soon after that my Chronic ITP (autoimmune disease) was cured. I am not sure if it was Cannabis that cured it as at that time, I was also on other immunosuppresant drugs, such as steroids and azathioprine, that may have had a part to play or it could have been just a coincidence. Right now, I am putting Eczhemus and steroid ointment on the Vetiligo affected areas and its not working out. Your reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you."

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition that causes your own body to destroy your skin’s pigment-producing melanocytes. Cannabis helps decrease inflammation, and therefore often helps people with autoimmune conditions; however, once a melanocyte is destroyed in the skin I do not see any data that supports your melanocytes coming back with the use of cannabis. Whether it decreases the progression of the disease by decreasing your stress level is unknown as well. I also have no ancetdotal reports of patients with improvement of their Vitiligo.


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