Can cannabis cause constipation?

"I am new to this and had a small piece of chocolate last night. Today I am constipated. Is that common or even related? Also, I tried the vapor pen the other day – one time, one inhale – and I felt like I had a sore throat later than night. Could I be allergic to it?"

Generally speaking, cannabis products actually "move things along" rather than cause constipation. It may have been the other ingredients in the bar. Sometimes it may cause intestinal distress as it works it way out (Ok. I started in the cannabis business and NEVER thought I’d be going down this road, but LOL). Yes, your throat could be irritated by the Vape smoke. I’m not sure what type of pen you are using, but some companies put something called PEG in their mixes. Be careful when using a vape pen and what ingredients are in the mix.


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