can cannabis cure stroke?

"Hi everyone, My father had a brain stroke 2 years ago, and the doctors said its small , my question is can Cannabis recover/heal/cure the stroke ? "

Has your father recovered from any stroke sequelae/ side effects? If he had weakness, has it improved? If he had speech deficits, have these improved back to normal? If he has, than he has already recovered from his small stroke (probably a TIA/ transient ischemic attack). If he hasn’t recovered already, cannabis may help a little but I would manage my expectations. The current literature concerning the neuro-protective effects of cannabinoids like CBD and THC is very limited; the current studies are usually only in animal models or individual human neurons in a petri dish. I would keep cannabinoid use at a minimum, I would only use products with both CBD & THC, & I would avoid smoking any cannabis. I would focus my energies on blood pressure management, diabetes management (if you’re father has this), making sure your father has some MD-approved blood thinner on board (unless your father had a bleeding/ hemorrhagic stroke), having his carotid arteries examined under duplex ultrasound, losing weight (if you’re father is overweight), increasing exercise. Supplements like garlic, turmeric, omega-3’s might also be helpful but talk to the medical team first. I hope this helps and I hope for a healthy recovery for your father!


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