Can cannabis heal stroke?

"Hi everyone, My father had a brain stroke 2 years ago, and the doctors said its small , my question is can Cannabis recover/heal/cure the stroke ? "

Hmm this is an interesting question. Small strokes (known as TIA’s) will heal on their own with little if any help. There hasn’t been much cannabisresearch into this field on a human level. In theory, cannabinoids such as CBD have been shown to possibly limit neuronal injury but this is only in rats and in vitro (individual neurons studies on a petri dish, etc). Cannabis, especially when smoked, can change blood pressure in harmful ways for people recovering from CVA/ strokes. I would limit cannabis usage to very small amounts if you’re feeling brave enough, avoid smoking cannabis products; in general I would focus my energy in making sure that you’re loved one’s blood pressure is well managed, that some type of anti-coagulation is on board (unless the stroke was a bleeding/ hemorrhagic stroke), and that the pt aggresively pursue physical therapy &/or occupational therapy if there are deficits. If the patient hasn’t had an ultrasound of the neck/ carotid arteries I would ask the medical team about this as well. I hope this information helps and I wish you and you’re loved ones the best during this recovery time


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