Can cannabis help ease tinnitus?

"I suffer terrible tinnitus and have tried everything to get rid of it. I read on your site that marijuana could help. Are there any specific products you would recommend?"

Tinnitus is often due to NSAID use like aspirin, ibuprofen and aleve so be sure you discontinue those medications, unless you are taking the medication as a blood thinner and in that case you must check with your doctor.
The openings in the cranium, actual openings in the bone where nerves and blood vessels go through the bone, are very small openings so any inflammation in that area, pressing on the nerve may present as tinnitus. So this time of year you may have more problems if you have allergies.
Consider eliminating all high allergenic foods from your diet, increasing your water intake. Black coffee or tea may be of benefit because it can thin the mucus and potentially help the tinnitus.
Taking CBD cannabis twice daily as a tincture may also be of great benefit because it stops inflammation in the body.
You might consider seeing a local cranial osteopathic physician for a craniosacral evaluation and treatment because you maybe completely improved in one visit.
If you take the steps I’ve suggested, I suspect your tinnitus will resolve. But if you still have problems and you have allergies or symptoms of a chronic viral infection, you may also improve with a single large dose of retinol (not beta-carotene) to increase your protective secretory IgA in your mucus but for further information, please consider a consultation.
Good luck in your quest to resolve this problem.


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