Can cannabis help manage diabetes?

"If so, what types of products and dosage can you recommend?"

I don’t believe there is one best strain of cannabis for diabetes but it would be wise to use super high CBD low THC because you do not want to stimulate out-of-control munchies or increased anxiety. CBD cannabis will not stimulate munchies and it does control anxiety so then you can kick back and enjoy some THC at times. It does take three weeks for you to fully feel all the benefits from high CBD cannabis so just keep taking it. I usually recommend that you start at about 10 drops twice daily since there is no reason to smoke CBD’s, they will not make you high and the super high CBD tincture is the most economical way to use CBD’s. At three weeks you may need to adjust your dosage up if you are not feeling all the benefits of CBD cannabis. Their are varieties such as ACDC, Harlequin, Cannatonic as well as others so please explore this with your local Budmaster. Your diabetes should improve with regular use of CBD’s but you must also be certain your vitamin D, 25-OHD is above
50 ng/ML for optimal health benefits. For many people there vitamin D receptor is located at the same place on the chromosome as the receptor that is predisposed to diabetes.


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