Can cannabis help me with my terrible mood swings form menopause?

I’m so sorry to hear this is happening to you. Yes, many women suffering from mood swings as well as other major physiologic manifestations of menopause have benefited from cannabis. Besides the vape-pen and micro-dosed edible, I would like to offer the use of tincture drops in hot calming chamomile tea. The tea alone should help calm & soothe. I also encourage combining the use of vape-pens before a nice walk and turning it into a "mindful walk." Every so often, you can indulge yourself with cann infused epsom bath salts for soaking (from MakingYouBetterBrands). I encourage all my pts whether in this practice or my other practices to exercise as much as they are able as studies show this is very helpful w/ mood & physical manifestations of menopause. Also try to add mindfulness training as well; sites like Mindful.org can help you achieve some level of peace & harmony. I hope all these tips help and hope to hear on your progress!


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