Can cannabis help me with school?

"I take adderall and I am not too fond of the anxiety and lack of appetite that it causes in me, I know the reputation of cannabis and school has always been a negative one but I was wondering, could cannabis actually help me study and stay on track? "

This is an excellent question because many people who are still studying and trying to learn new material would like to be able to take advantage of the benefits of medicinal cannabis without impairing the functions needed to perform in school. There is considerable evidence that acute THC effects can interfere with short term memory fixation and can be a negative influence on the process of assimilating new information that is so necessary in school. But the answer is a lot more complex than that. Like other biologically active compounds, THC produces different effects at different dosages, so relaxation and calming at low doses may give way to excitation and other quite opposite experiences as the dose is increased. Patients with ADHD have reported low or even micro doses helpful with focus, but I think you will have to do some cautious experimenting to see what seems to be most helpful. I suggest including lots of CBD to moderate THC effects, and some ADHD patients have even reported that CBD alone seems to provide benefit for the anxiety they feel with Adderall, so you might begin there.


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